PAIR of littleSTEPS Gait Plates for Kids

littleSTEPS Gait Plates are designed for those children experiencing  Toe In  conditions. 

To place an order for littleSTEPS® Gait Plates, you must submit a Referral Code during the check out process. 

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Choose GP size  using the Sizing and Fitting Chart SIZING CHART | FITTING TIPS

littleSTEPS gait plate sizing chart and fitting tips

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 As a mother and a physical therapist I became concerned when my child... began in-toeing significantly. By age three she was tripping over her own two feet... After researching littleSTEPS® orthotics, I fitted her using the printout from the website, ordered her size, and received them in the mail in less than three days! We noticed an immediate difference with the alignment of her legs, and most importantly with the decrease in scraped knees from falling. (She) loves her inserts, calls them her “cups” and wears them with pride...Melissa M