PAIR of littleSTEPS® Orthotics for Kids

littleSTEPS® Orthotics are the most effective prefabs for kids 1-12 for flat feet, pronation, toe walking and foot/leg pain.

littleSTEPS ® Orthotics are unique to other prefabs with a deep heel cup and high lateral flanges.  They are composed of a firm yet comfortable material to minimize distortion.  The combined effects of these features deliver a stable foundation and proper foot alignment. 

To place an order for littleSTEPS® Orthotics, you must submit a Referral Code during the ordering process. If you place an order without a referral code, your order will not be shipped until you send a referral code.

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To order, simply Choose LS size using  SIZING CHART | FITTING TIPS

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"Before using LittleSteps my son used to go to bed crying of foot cramps and leg pains. We had to use pain relievers and give nightly foot massages to help him go to sleep.   Once he started using LittleSteps the problem stopped-Immediately! " Janelle H

"I am so pleased with the gains my three-year old son has made since he started using his LittleSteps orthotics... his balance improved resulting in less falls, better coordination and he no longer complains of fatigue in his legs with walking and running. Best of all, his confidence has increased greatly! " ~Melissa D, Physical Therapist (MSPT)