Testimonials for QuadraSTEPS Orthotics


"The QUADRASTEPS® are great! I have two different foot types and was curious how my body would adjust to using them. It took me about 2 weeks to wean them in full time for work and exercise but they've helped significantly. I've always thought my low back pain was related to other issues but I can't tell you how much better it feels using the inserts. As a physical therapist and a consumer, I would recommend the QUADRASTEP® orthotics to my patients, family, and friends." Thanks again, Brittany

 "I have had such great relief with my initial D inserts that I have since ordered a second set. After spending almost a year of getting cortisone shots in my heels, wearing various daytime and nighttime braces, as wall as trying dozens of shoe/insert combinations with no appreciable relief I am happy to tell you that I have spent more pain free time on my feet in this last month than I had in the past year. I think it says volumes about the comfort and relief your product provides when my initial inquiry about your product was based on a conversation with a complete stranger. I met him hundreds of miles away from my home while I was in a REI looking for some new shoes to hopefully help with my foot pain. This gentleman overheard me talking with the salesperson and he described many of the same problems I was having. He had nothing but glowing things to say about the comfort and relief he gets from your product. My wife got the name of your company from the inserts he was wearing that very day and days later after I returned home I made my first inquiry. The fact that I was willing to pay (what I did) for your product on the chance that it would help should tell you how bad my condition was.

Your product has done exactly what I had hoped it would do. I want to be certain to directly thank you again....I did not truly understand just how bad it had become for me until I finally found some relief. I am doing things that again that I had simply abandoned because it was to painful." Thanks again, - Craig S

"I've been amazed at the difference my QUADRASTEP® insoles have made for my quality of life. I'm an avid tennis player, and not long ago my chronic heel spurs and aching high arches left me limping off the court after only an hour. Since starting with QUADRASTEP®, I can now play two to four hours a week with virtually no pain. I also just returned from a 10-day trip where I walked at least eight miles a day over the hard cobblestones of Europe without having to break stride!" Tom R 

"I wanted to let you know I got my Orthotics. They are God sent . They relieve so much pressure from the balls of my feet and give me great support in my arch. It feels weird walking when my toes are where they are supposed to be instead of being crossed under each other. Thank you so much for all your help in getting me these. I really appreciate it. May God Bless you and your family this Holiday season. I really enjoy the way these kind of hug my feet and keep them stable when I walk."

Yours truly,