What makes littleSTEPS® different from other prefab inserts for kids?

  • littleSTEPS® are the closest you will find to a custom orthotic.  Designed by Roberta Nole, owner of a successful custom orthotics lab in Connecticut and Dr Louis DeCaro, DPM, who has treated thousands of children in his Massachusetts podiatry practice, littleSTEPS® were specifically designed to most closely replicate a custom orthotic at a fraction of the cost.   littleSTEPS® are characterized by a deep heel cup, high lateral flanges and composed of a firm yet comfortable material to minimize distortion.  The combined effects of these features deliver a stable foundation, proper foot alignment and a firm arch providing a near-custom fit.

    What conditions do littleSTEPS® address?

    • littleSTEPS® can be effective for kids 1-17 suffering from flat feet, pronation, balance issues, foot pain, leg pain, moderate toe-in, moderate toe-out, plantar fascitis, and sever's disease

      How will the littleSTEPS® patient benefit?

      • littleSTEPS® are designed to provide a solid foundation, reduce foot and leg pain, improve coordination, balance, posture, and help provide a more stable gait.

      How long will a pair of  littleSTEPS® last?

      • littleSTEPS® are composed of a durable, washable and comfortable material that will last longer than it will take for your child to outgrow them.  Your child will likely outgrow the current size in 3-6 months, so check the size periodically using the fitting chart to see when its time to order the next size.